The Coaching Package for

Worried Women

Master your

Mindset Hurdle

In 3 Steps

So you can put the

weight of the world down

I understand. You're finding it hard to get your head on straight.

And your thoughts are zapping your energy and keeping you from feeling like yourself.


  • Something is affecting you

  • You keep replaying events in your mind

  • You're feeling upset and stuck

  • You can't move past the fear, worry or negative thought patterns

  • Trying to sort through it seems impossible

You want to move forward but don't know how...

I understand. Because I've been there too. And I've helped hundreds of women to

restore their peace of mind.

Hello, I'm Carrie. The Stress Coach

I know what it’s like.

To be unable to clear your mind and feelings of worry and pressure.

Until I became a therapist and coach, I didn’t have a clue which practices would benefit my well-being.

At times it felt as though I'd always be trapped in my head about things.

But I've since learnt tools and techniques to help myself feel better.

The amazing shifts I've had left me wanting to hand these superpowers on!

Which is why it's my mission to help women get to grips with what's holding you back from the life you deserve.

To stop being affected by people and situations, and live in the moment. Which is where peace resides.

I want each one of my clients to experience the benefits. That means you too!

It should be simple...

To sort your wellness out, but when things have been playing on your mind for too long, you can end up feeling helpless.

But, with the right support, a proper method of attack, and the desire to make things change, nothing is insurmountable.

You might think it’s impossible to overcome now, but taking the right steps will rapidly move you away from the situation.

And putting your mental health front and centre will help you feel so much better.

And that will benefit you and everyone around you.

I can help you with this

So how would it feel to find a solution to your challenge?

So you can:

  • Move on

  • Regain your peace of mind, confidence, and self esteem

  • Relax and switch off

And instead of using your precious energy to worry,

use it to do more of what you love

That's exactly what Resolve can offer you

We'll work together to face down your mindset challenge

In 3 clear cut steps

Maybe you want to:

  • Experience self-confidence and self-worth, so you can do the things you’ve been dreaming about

  • Wake up feeling rested and raring to go after sleeping like a log

  • Change the way a problem feels inside so it doesn’t bother you any more

  • Build a relaxation routine that you absolutely love and integrates seamlessly into your life

  • Resolve an internal conflict so you can make a decision

Resolve will set you on the right path

So you don’t have to try hundreds of things on your own, whilst you cross your fingers and hope for the right results.

This 3 step program is a great way to get you moving in the best direction as swiftly as possible.

It's about rapidly evolving yourself, so you can...

  • Get on with feeling happy, healthy and relaxed, armed with the right strategies to take the ups and downs of life in your stride

  • Move away from a life of stress where you operate in survival mode, to one that feels peaceful and settled

  • Be in the present, instead of worrying about the past or future

Just imagine what it will feel like to be yourself again

The 3 step plan to set your well-being in motion.

This is how it works...

STEP 1: Deep Dive

You’ll get started by answering a number of questions online.

The questions are a powerful way for us both to uncover insights and achieve a more thorough understanding of your situation.

We'll also have a Zoom call to clarify exactly where you're at and where you want to get to. You'll begin to move in the right direction.

STEP 2: The Big Shift

Over Zoom, we'll use a blend of tools and techniques tailored to your exact situation. We'll get under the skin of whatever it is you've been facing and shift you forward.

Towards the end, we’ll review what we’ve achieved and what needs to happen next.

We’ll set action steps and you’ll be given the resources you need to get there.

STEP 3 - Reflect

After 2 to 3 weeks, we’ll use this Zoom session to catch up and track progress, review your achievements and explore solutions to any challenges you’ve met along the way.

You’ll have the space to reflect on your experience and we’ll adjust any goals or steps you need to take next.

You'll have access to my knowledge

And the additional resources I’ve created.

As well as my experience of working with hundreds of smart women over the past decade.

We’ll use my skills, tools and techniques to create a bespoke plan for you, which can include:

Start your Journey Here

For just £595 you'll receive:

  • A deep look into your current situation and a clear roadmap outlining where you're going

  • A holistic (whole person) approach to your health and well-being so you can install better habits, elevate your mood and discover newfound energy. Empowering you to thrive in all areas of your life

  • Three bespoke coaching sessions, which will guide you to find the right solutions to the challenges you're facing

  • Support tailored to your needs, with solutions that will fit into your life and get you unstuck

  • Resources to support you as you move forward, so you can see clearly what and how you need to do things

  • Tools for life, that you can refer to any time in the future

  • The time and space to talk about what you need, when it's hard to see the woods from the trees

  • My expertise and eyes on your well-being as a qualified Health and Transformational Coach and Holistic Therapist.

See you on Zoom

Carrie x